Time: 2023-07-20

Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Thread 120D/2 on Dye Tube

Trilobal polyester is one basic and advantaged product for Farer to compete in global twisting market.

Continuous filament trilobal polyester embroidery thread 120D/2 in high tenacity with low shrinkage, twisted in raw on dye tube, Farer started to produce this yarn in year of 2008, to follow the demands for this unique premium yarns guided by Madeira in that time. This trilobal fiber material is made by special spinning technology and under production of Germany imported spinners, it has extreme stable performance in fiber parameters variation such as count, tenacity and elongation.


Compare to development that most thread manufacturers produce mainly high shrinkage trilobal 108D or transfer to produce this much lower cost material, Farer insist on production with this unique trilobal polyester material, and didn’t interrupt its production all the time.

In continuous production for this same material, Farer could fix some twisters (also include other machines) to ONLY produce this yarn for several years, undoubtedly it brings very stable quality as the machine settings aren’t changed always, but maintenance under our #Spindles Monitor In Turn. In this experience to face same product with several years, Farer built unique manufacturing method for this trilobal polyester yarn.

Today, we are keeping wide and stable supply to some tier 1 thread brands with this product. Farer is one important manufacturer for high tenacity low shrinkage trilobal polyester embroidery thread 120D/2 raw on dye tube.

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