Found in 2007, started with 1 but very modern twister, Farer twisted high tenacity filament polyester yarn and polyamide 6.6 yarn, on raw white on perforated plastic dye tube, supplied to customers for dyeing process, finally be industrial sewing thread and machine embroidery thread.

Always only used the most leading fibers and accessories in the market, treated production carefully which originate from responsible culture, more and more partners started to work with Farer, in the next few years, more new and mordern twisters were installed.

In 2019, Farer moved to one new plant located also in Ningbo city, to be one standard manufacturing enterprise in integrated industrial park. The twisting production scale was expanded twofold in this new plant with 6000 square meters, annual output was increased to 600 TONS for various raw white high tenacity filament polyester and polyamide 6.6 twisted yarns on dye tube, for industrial sewing thread and embroidery thread use. More new twisters with #Inner bonded thread manufacturing function were installed, precision winders were renewed to SSM, kingspool winders for quilting thread were updated to match standard of some global top thread brands.

Beyond equipments, in current Farer production, managements of standardization procedure are acted, digital and documented operations are executed in daily company running, these various operations such as #Spindles Monitor In Turn and #Skilled Operators Under Position Level Series are benefit to establish one mature production system.

As one social role, Farer is also fulfiling responsibility in environment, production safety, employee heath and economic contribution, got different kinds of administrative licenses.